Today is an experiment in Green Curry.

Ingredients used:
1 can coconut milk
10 tsps(50 gram) green curry paste
2 cups of random veggies from my fridge
I used:
Bamboo Sprouts
Green Onion
op. 1 cup meat or Tofu
1 cup of water

In a wok or large pot, mix half the cocanut milk with curry paste, until there are no longer chunks of paste, then add the rest of the cocanut milk. The next option is meat:I personally am not planning on adding any, but make sure you sear off any meat you are going to add before you add it. All meat and veggies should be added once the broth is boiling, along with a cup of water or so(less for thicker curry, more for thinner curry). Leave boiling until all your veggies have softened. Make sure not to add Tofu(if not using meat) until near the end, so you don't end up with Tofu soup. To Serve over/with Jasmine rice!

This recipe is really easy and good for your average day cook with little bits of random veggies leftover in the fridge.

WARNING: This curry is very spicy, use half the amount of paste for a milder curry(I sure wish I had!)

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