Refreshing Mint Tea:Garden Snack Club - そらゆめ
Here in Hilo, HI it is rare to find a gem of an item at a restaurant Most foods are on the average sub-par to disgusting. You learn  to put up with these bad foods, because you really have no options. Well there are the exceptions. One such exception is the AMAZING Mint Tea at Garden Snack Club.
This tea is delicious it is super tasty. The contents of this tea are mint, lime and honey. It comes out tasting like a not too sour or sweet mint limeade. Mmmm delicious. It accents the spicy Thai food offered by the fabulous Chef Tina.

Speaking of Tina, this lady is a wonderful person. She raised her several daughters on her own, and raised money via this restaurant  to bring her daughters over from Tailand to live with her in Hilo. Her dishes are HUGE and I recommend sharing them with a friend.

Price: $3.00
Price I would pay: $4.50
Taste 5/5
Originality  5/5
Best parred with: Something spicy and Thai!

Garden Snack Club
82 Kilauea Ave
Hilo, HI 96720

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