Located deep in the heart of downtown Hilo, Hawaii is an often unnoticed little sushi bar. Passerbyers are confronted with a cute little Princess Kitty and a list of sushi. Open only a few hours a week, this little hole is a hidden jewel of Japanese cuisine. What will you find at Hime sushi? SUSHI. A sign on the door even mentions that no Tempura, Noodles or anything of that like is available inside. As one walks in the door, one is greeted by the sweet Japanese neko(cat) lady owner, and her sushi chef behind a tiny counter. The walls are decorated with many a cat and there are three small tables and a little bar to sit at. The prices are well worth your bet. With drinks at only a dollar a pop and sushi ranging from 2.50-12 dollars a roll.
The exterior of Hime Sushi. Located at 14 Furneaux Ln., Hilo, HI 96720.
Orange Sherbet Hand roll: $5.75
This equisite hand roll is wrapped in a yellow tofu skin, and contains spicy and creamy sauce with scallops and rice.
The color is that of orange sherbet, thus the name I suppose and feels like a walk through a warm sunny day in Hilo as you eat it.
Iced Tea: $1.00
I personally try the ice tea at every place I go, and Hime Sushi's ice tea was perfect. Not over brewed or under brewed. It  has the classical flavor of ice tea but did not taste like Liptons. All you can drink for 1 dollar did not bring me negative feelings either. The round ice was very unique and made the tea feel more smooth.

Volcano Roll: $11.25(12.00 w/ fish eggs)
This item called  a volcano roll, was one of the specials. It was composed of a California roll, topped with scallops and a Dynamite sauce. The fish eggs I added for an extra $75 cents.
This roll reminded me greatly of the Yanagi's sushi in my hometowns "Dynamite Roll" it is a bit less complicated but has the same idea. At 11.25 it was one of the most expensive items on the menu but still very delicious and worth the price. The layout that came with it was a bit western, but still quite lovely. For a Dynamite roll and it's price I give this item a 3/5 but if I had nothing to compare it to I would give it a solid 4.5.

Overall I give Hime Sushi a 4.3/5 stars. The prices are a bit higher than ocean sushi, but it makes up for that in taste and atmosphere. So if you are looking for a new sushi experience on the big island of Hawaii give this tiny bar a chance.

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